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GBHS App on the App Store!

Well I again have been lacking in updates in terms blog posts for really 2 main reasons.
2. I’ve Just Gotten Caught up with school work as it is very important to me to keep my grades up.
Speaking of School work, yup we actually finished the application for granite bay high school, me and 2 other people were finishing up it turned out pretty well in my opinion also we left some room for improvement into the next version­čśë. Read more

1st Waiting in line for the iPad 2

So I’m sitting here at the apple store in the valley fair mall and wow this is epic. This is just a quick post showing the epicness
UPDATE: more photos below

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Plans For Release! And Bugs ={

So I havent given a proper update so here we go.

So the whole team is very close to release of the iphone application for the school that im releasing so im very excited as its coming along to look great there still are a couple of things preventing it from being submitted at the moment but will most likely be fixed as soon as the next monday the 28th of this month. Other thing thats going on is that were going to be getting some advertsing for the application around the school as the media team is going to be putting out a ad for it soon. Also there is going to be a revamp of the school site which will have a direct link of the iphone app on it.

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The Education App Revolution!

So Today was a Very Interesting Day, Im very very excited on the latest progress we have made on our latest app and what it means for me in the future I honestly┬á┬áthink soon after we launch this app it could be a instant success.Personally I think this could become a big deal since schools first started using computers…..Yeah sure college’s have apps….and thats fine the reason I still think this is because there really isn’t any way for students to take advantage to all the information that there high school hands to them especially with there awesome mobile phones that almost every teenager has. Read more


Well The Team and everyone has been working diligently on my been working on the iPhone Application for my school and we’ve made quit a bit of progress on the app itself. We’ve add a school map which lets users pinch and move around at a image of a school map, we’ve also added some great school sport options with some website that I’ve never heard about called ┬áMaxPrefs. We have also done a couple of other things that were cool. So One of the people that we talked to about the app was having a google calendar and since google calendar has no real webpage we can just link to im going to have to embed the google calendar in a html file and then pull it up within the UIWebView. So we will be working on that tomorrow.

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What im Blogging About

Version 0.1Hello Everyone welcome to my blog I personally have had many blogs and have always focused on News of what I was interested about, the only problem is about that is most of the time I just don’t post about it because I already know about it so I am changing what my blog is about and what you will see here. I should be writing about my personal experiences in life and even some of my opinions and experiences with technology in my life as I grow up. The reason why I am doing this is because in my view blogging is about having fun and sharing so thats what I will Be Doing

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